Frequency Friday

Date | First Fridays
Time | 7:00 PM EST
Location | High Museum


Join the Convo!

High Frequency - Cocktails, Art,  Dancing & Connecting

Atlanta's music scene is full of diverse talent, and DJs creatively explore their music collection for an entertaining evening. Experience the wonder of the city's talented creatives that you will never forget. Join us for music, dancing, art, and featured cocktails while discovering the museum's beautiful exhibits while associating with others who love being social!

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DJ Night @ High is a reoccurring event every 1st Friday.

Parking in the city ranges in price from street parking, public parking decks, or reserve-paid parking at the High's parking deck. The MARTA train station is directly across the street from the museum.

To ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience, we request that you RSVP in advance and purchase your tickets at the High Museum events page. Doing so secures your spot to an evening filled with laughter, wonderful company, and the chance to form genuine connections within Atlanta Social's thriving community.

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About the Host

Meet Cate Brown, the vibrant soul at the helm of Atlanta Social. She's our Founder, Host, and President, as multifaceted as the city skyline!

Cate's journey is as captivating as a Southern twilight. She spent decades in the software industry, mastering the ones and zeros of development, diving into the nitty-gritty of education, and leading with gusto in management. But one day, she swapped her keyboard for keys to new homes and embarked on an exciting career in real estate.

But Cate's true love, like peach pie at a summer picnic, has always been Atlanta. She found herself constantly enchanted by the city's charm and bustling energy. Eager to share her passion, Cate harnessed her knack for networking and penchant for personal growth, and voila! Atlanta Social was born.

Cate Brown, Host & Founder | Atlanta Social